Ninni Pacifier Tutorial

The tutorial will give video examples as Dr. Gigi talks through best practices, tips and tricks to have baby accept the Ninni Co. pacifier

Are you struggling to use the Ninni Pacifier?

The tutorial will give video examples as Dr. Gigi talks through best practices, tips and tricks for getting your baby to accept the Ninni Co. pacifier.




Course Summary

Pacifiers can be a wonderful tool for soothing a baby. But, I like to use the ninni for so much more. The Ninni is the best at mimicking the way breast tissue moves as it pertains to tongue movement, oral function as well as sucking patterns. I recommend it to every family I work with because it can assist in developing and reinforcing sucking patterns that should improve breast/bottle feeding and oral development. The ninni Pacifier is by far my favorite tool to help a baby develop the correct muscle memory for sucking.

Course Curriculum

Giselle Tadros

As a pediatric PT, I have seen the benefit of early intervention, treatment and education for parents and the difference it can make in the overall development of a child. My middle son had a tongue tie, which I did not realize until he was 7 years old (when I really started studying) after already have sleep issues, speech, dentition and picky eating as well as headaches. Parents can do so much to help their children and I am eager to educate!

"Highly Recommended Course. It is so full of great information. It's easy to understand, informative and gives a structured plan to find success with the Ninni Co pacifier. The webinar is full of practical and valuable info. I learned a lot and really enjoyed it."

Joy Williams
Ninni Co. Co-Founder

"I found Dr. Gigi's instagram page after my son's ties procedure. I bought the Ninni tutorial after my son was having breastfeeding aversions and that’s when everything started looking up! After taking it slow and following the simple tips in the class, my son is actually efficiently sucking, taking the pacifier and happy back at the breast. Truly life changing!!"

Alexis Brooke Nuttman
Mom of 2

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