Tummy Time 101

Learn all the tricks to make tummy time fun for you AND baby!

Course Summary

I have created an incredible resource to help parents confidently and playfully engage in tummy time with your baby. These are—hands-down—my most useful tips for making Tummy Time a pleasure and success! It also includes a handout with a clickable toy link so you can create the perfect little play space for your baby.

Course Curriculum

Giselle Tadros

As a pediatric PT, I have seen the benefit of early intervention, treatment and education for parents and the difference it can make in the overall development of a child. My middle son had a tongue tie, which I did not realize until he was 7 years old (when I really started studying) after already have sleep issues, speech, dentition and picky eating as well as headaches. Parents can do so much to help their children and I am eager to educate!

"Highly Recommended! Easy to Understand, Informative, Very Well Organized. The Course is full of Practical and Valuable information for any parent looking to Enhance their baby's enjoyment and skills in this area. I really enjoyed the tips on best toys to buy. I can't believe I'm actually looking forward to tummy time now!!"  John V, Dad

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