Suck Training AND Ninni Tutorial

Suck training technique and Tools from the BEST oral motor therapist

Course Summary

Learn the basics of Suck training and solidify the muscle memory with the Ninni Pacifier

Giselle Tadros

As a pediatric PT, I have seen the benefit of early intervention, treatment and education for parents and the difference it can make in the overall development of a child. My middle son had a tongue tie, which I did not realize until he was 7 years old (when I really started studying) after already have sleep issues, speech, dentition and picky eating as well as headaches. Parents can do so much to help their children and I am eager to educate!

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  • Suck Training and Ninni Pacifier Tutorial
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    Enhance your child's oral motor skills with the 2 best selling training video by renowned oral motor therapist Dr. Gigi Tadros.

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